My mother

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and we all look at the Matriarch of our family with pride.  I don’t really believe in Mother’s Day or any day that the commercial world tells me to celebrate.  I believe that everyday should be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. – since when do we need a chocolate company or florist to tell me how much I love and respect my mother?

My mother has endured things that I would not wish on anyone and without going into details, she has always been my Rock.

A Mother's Love

A Mother’s Love

I have run from the Rock, around the Rock and even over the Rock but always end up back at the Rock. In order to understand myself, I had to understand my mother and at the same time make my choices as to whether I wanted to be like her or excel in a different direction.  To utilise what she taught me to create my own awareness of self and who I was in God’s eyes, to understand my own journey and choices but all in all, she will always be my Uluru.

By Karen Levin

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