Tuition or Intuition – or both?

Education is important, no doubt about it. There are numerous ways to learn and gather information and it’s important that we respect and recognise that they all play a role in the overall performance of life’s success. Living a worthwhile life and being happy takes more than a degree.

As much as we learn through school, TAFE and Uni, it’s the hands-on performances using innate trust in our own decision making and choices that provide the greatest tools for life. You can mesmerize every book in a library but if you don’t trust your own decision making, you will continue to misjudge, slipup and fail.  Not that failures are all bad.  Some teach us resilience or move us in another direction, where maybe we’re supposed to be.

So how do you teach yourself and perfect intuition?

You may like to try Intuitive Coaching (IC) which teaches you to trust your true self and the inner voice that you may often ignore.

Intuitive Coaching enables you to connect with your authentic self and be more confident in your decision making and creativity.

Knowing who you are helps you transcend where you are now.  IC encourages you to reach your potential through perceptive and insightful decision making.

We have all experienced small acts of intuition but the key is to hone in on those little messages so they become the primary triggers for decision making, not afterthoughts.  We all have experienced ignoring our intuition and telling ourselves: “I should have listened to my gut when it said …” (your first thought or decision).

So now imagine taking your intuition to a level that permeates everything you do, even your work.

Use your super-conscious Google search

Intuition is like being connected to your super-conscious-Google search tool that reacts in a split second to every movement and decision you need to make but instead of giving you a hundred choices on the first page, there’s only one – the right one.

IC starts by focusing on specific areas of your life – fears, apprehensions, anxieties and out of control feelings and emotions.  Repressed thoughts of regret or resentment can also be a great starting point and learning, through intuition, how to let go.

In training your intuitive process, you will learn to comprehend a deeper understanding about your life, access your personal power and advance your connection to self.  Learning to not resist change, how to evolve and nourish your dynamic ideas and creative processes.

A stronger intuitive process takes you from where you presently are to attain a peacefulness within that cultivates and reassures your choices and fosters your intellect to a higher level.

IC helps you attain peace from within and connects with your authentic self, releasing limitations and transcending you to reach your true potential.

As much as you are studying your diploma or degree, or working on new strategies at work, learn to sharpen your intuitive skills and trust the decisions that come to the surface.