The Art of Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring has been a big part of my business. I have had the pleasure of coaching and guiding sporting personalities, entertainers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, product developers, creators and interns from all over the world.

There is nothing more rewarding that seeing an individual reach greater potential and learn to be more confident and trust their own intuitive process.

Mentoring is about passing on knowledge and experience to another – paying your wisdom forward.  To be a great Mentor or Coach, you need perception, intuitive process and inspirational prudence.  It is about listening and guiding someone in a direction that they truly desire.

Using transferable skills and development – I can assist career progression and life changes.  With good people management, active listening and valuable assessment skills you can help an individual become confident and self-assured, fear-less and walking with commitment.

An effective Mentoring or Coaching relationship enables you to:

  • develop core strengths;
  • increase your social intelligence skills;
  • clarify misunderstandings;
  • work confidently with people from different contexts and backgrounds;
  • generate workable solutions in a mutually respectful way;
  • motivate, advise and support whilst empowering others to make decisions;
  • take responsibility for your own actions;

and the benefits to our clients:

  • increased personal and job satisfaction;
  • more awareness of your internal and external environments; and
  • the immeasurable rewards of improving the way you see your business, your life and the world.

Mentoring  and Coaching allows you to recognise your life experiences, overcome fears and regret and strengthen the achievements and lessons learned along the way allowing you to become self-aware and poised for success in life.