The few weeks I have spent with you have been absolutely amazing.  I have learnt so much… I have acquired tools that I will have for life.  We’re not done yet!.


Director, Nutritional Skincare Academy

“I have been a client of Ms. Levin’s for over 30 years and have maintained a connection with her as a powerful inspiration to me over the years especially in developing and growing my business.

Her constant support and expertise has helped me overcome adversities, learn how to run my own business and develop new products.

Her mentoring has changed my life and my attitude towards situations and people. I learnt that if I can’t change someone or something I can change my attitude towards the situation. This has guided me to a greater path and to believe in myself and always be strong and grateful.”


Owner, Zero Studios

“I was an intern with Karen. My experience would not have been the same without the dedication and guidance of Karen Levin. Karen sincerely cares for her community and is generous when passing on her knowledge and experience to others. Her selfless determination to help as many people as possible was an incredible inspiration during my internship as it showed me the value of connecting with people and the importance of local and small businesses. I cannot express how grateful I am for Karen’s unwavering belief and the time she has invested in mentoring and counselling me through my professional and personal endeavours.”


Director, Ambience Entertainment

“In my language the name Karen means a ray of light. Not so long ago I was in a dark place struggling with self esteem issues and a lack of clarity with respect to the here and now and the correct path I was supposed to then follow. I reached out to Karen for guidance and reassurance and just like the ray of light that she is Karen Levin was able to help me navigate my energies and mindset in the right direction. More importantly she helped me to find my light the one that shines from within, she guided me to moving forward as life has intended for me. Karen is a unique and an exquisite individual. She has the ability to inspire others with compassion and an intuitive ability to identify points of concern which is further complimented with solutions in a form of a strategic plan of action. She will make you realize your self worth and the fact that you are lovable no matter what. If you are a woman whom seeks to leap forward from your existing point in time, just be open minded and reach out to Karen and then watch your life transform.”


Director, REOSK

“Too many times I have come across young women who are lost and looking for something to cling too. They don’t have role models…to show them they are worthwhile and their dreams can come true. I believe that the programs Karen has will take women on a journey of discovery that will change their lives forever.”


Director, Chic Management

Thank you for the ongoing support and help over the last 3 years.  You’re an amazing person and I am grateful to have met you.


Owner, Extend Barre