2019 is underway

2019 is underway and so are your ideas!

Have you thought through what changes you want to make, what projects you want to start?  Are you a small business owner who is ready for growth? An employee wanting to start your own business?  A mum who wants to go back to work or start a home-based business?  Here are some tips to think about:

Tip 1: Creativity starts with your hands. 

This is the best tip to start with.  Grab a pen or pencil, some paper and sit down.  Now start writing your idea or project on paper, not onto your computer.

Handwriting your ideas can be rhythmic, therapeutic, and calming and can assist with jumpstarting your creativity. Writing by hand also increases conceptual understanding and retention and can increase concentration substantially.

Writing by hand has a completely different effect on your brain and imagination.  It connects you with the words and allows your brain to focus, understand and learn. Studies have shown that writing longhand is a like a stimulating workout for your brain.

The act of writing engages your motor-skills, memory and more and is a good cognitive exercise to make and keep your mind sharp. Writing by hand also helps you remember and retain information.  Handwriting activates more parts of the brain than typing. It requires writers to use more motor skills and what they call the “reading circuit” a collection of links around the brain.  Your results will be so much more imaginative, stimulating and creative.  Then you can type it again into your computer but start with your pen.  Even read it out loud one time as you type it out.   In this instance, the pen is mightier then the keyboard.

Tip 2.   Cash can flow if you budget for it.  

Although you may think this is tedious it is essential.  I always recommend you do a worst case and a best-case budget.  The first one should be the worst case, the absolute necessary income you need to survive.  If you put together all your monthly expenses (personal and cost of any goods).  Add them up, times by 12 and divide by 365 (the days in a year),  this will give you an idea of the targeted income to be achieved each day.  The absolute minimum to assure you can pay your bills and achieve your living standards as it is now. 

The next one is the best case.  In this budget you can express gradual increases each month or quarterly.  Then you have exponential growth for the entire year. Still keep it achievable but do make it aspirational.

Tip 3.   Connecting and growing your networks.

People always worry about how they’re going to get customers or increase their network but it’s amazing when you go through your contacts on emails, social media, Linkedin and even collected business cards, how many people you actually know or have met. Start compiling this into an excel spreadsheet in preparation for your email marketing system.  Simplest way is to start with email (column 1) First name (column 2) and Last name (column 3) then if you want to put the company name etc you can.  You will be surprised how many people end up being on this list.

Tip 4.   Getting your brand and message out to market.

How are you going to appeal to your potential clients, increase your reach and promote your message?  What channels are you going to use, and which are best for your purpose?  Take an omni channel approach to see how best to utilise soft and hard collateral. Do you need to set up a website, social medial channels, google business, digital and videos, webinars, print materials, PR and media releases, advertising and go to networking events? Assess what you need to establish, improve and increase.  This will give you a good idea of your how your time will be managed.



Tip 5: Speaking of time -it’s valuable and so is life balance.

I find that most of my clients find themselves being consumed when they start a new venture.  The passion to begin or grow a business can create anxiety, angst and fear.  It’s important that you keep the three R’s in play: Retrospect, respite and relaxation.   These three subjects are crucial as they provide comprehension, clarity and clearness.  They provide time out to assess where you are, where you’re going, and to learn to be intuitive and trust your gut instincts.

– Being retrospective provides comprehension, to understand your actions, learn from mistakes and applaud successes.

– Taking respite gives you clarity, time for the brain to clear away the unnecessary and provide transparency.

– Relaxation clears your mind, unwind to let your intuition take front of mind and distract yourself from work. A great time for ideas and creativity.


The above tips and simple but extremely valuable.  They are  fundamental and essential in developing a strong platform to kick start or expand your business.
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