Recycle Your Business To Stay Ahead

Business is constantly evolving. There are many aspects that simply recycle themselves just like clothing styles in the fashion industry – especially marketing. This is why it’s important to always remember the traditional ways of business because as trends come and go, traditional marketing always stands as foundationaly sound and reliable.

The launch of social media platforms exploded and every business owner, entrepreneur and major corporate turned to social media to connect.

“Social marketing can be applied wherever one has a target audience and a behaviour one wants to influence.” Alan R.Andreasen

At one point, it was said that if you were a business owner and didn’t have a social media platform of some kind, then you would ultimately fail.  Every conversation, every article was about social media and the emergence of social media companies and “specialist” contractors who could make increase your audience and therefore increase your profits.

The excitement of social media and implementation of technology and connecting to the global market drove many businesses to seek out connections to new clients through these platforms. 

Yes, marketing is theory based but it is still drawn from human behaviour.

“It is predicated on theories of consumer behaviour, which in turn draw upon the social and behavioural sciences”.  A theorist or behavioural scientist can say this but as a business owner, I draw my “so called theories” on my practical experiences with clients through capturing their emotions, loyalty and trust.

“If you’re doing it right, social media will lead to real relationship building.” Quoted from the Content Factory but what about the actual experience of looking a customer in the eye, shaking their hand and giving them a smile or a direct answer to their problems.

We may constantly question what is traditionally sound business structures.  Foundational strategies are always borne on what is proven and mature and trends only last until the next trend comes along.

Like fashion, the substantial and basic necessities repeat themselves over and over again.  What was past resurfaces back in the future.

Major automation and marketing companies are now realising that tradition still rules.  I was recently involved in a webinar to listen to a very successful automation queen (I am withholding her name on purpose so as not to offend).  The webinar highlighted this new concept and proclaimed this new way of connecting was the answer.  That all her business clients would benefit from this next trend.  With bated breath, everyone waited to hear the new concept and be the first to take up the opportunity.  She provided what she referred to as a “delicious” package that you could purchase from her to learn how to get this new system in place and obtain the secrets of increasing sales for your business.

After listening to the pitch for 20 minutes she finally stated that “holding events and workshops” was the missing link and would increase cashflow.!

Hold on a minute, am I missing something!  Haven’t we been doing this for years already. The only link missing here is her knowledge of traditional business and the fact that events and workshops have, and are, a foundational tool for every business.

In hearing this proclamation, I turned down the sound so as to not be rude and exit the webinar and went on doing what we do each year, structuring great forums and ,, networking events and connecting to our clients as frequently so as to not appear to stalk them.

Just remember, if you are seeking the latest trend – maybe look back in your box of traditional business and marketing skills and recycle something that worked for you in the past.  Dust it off, give it a new name and recycle what was successful and will be successful again.

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