Change Is Permanent

Change Is Permanent

As a Change-maker I find that change draws on fears within most individuals. Do you realise that it’s the only constant evolving action in your life?

We’ve been hearing about change since the 6th century BC (To quote Heraclitus; “The only thing that is constant is change”) and yet this mantra instills or triggers apprehension.

Each of us is made up of varying traits such as intellect, logic, emotion and intuition but your overall intelligence and wisdom is not weighed up by how much you read, the videos you watch or how many successes you have in life. 

Your wisdom is borne of your failures,  shifts in choices and the flow of life that you experience when change happens.

We all experience “Panta Rhei – the flow of life”. It’s how you utilise the reality of change or reflect on it that makes a difference to how smoothly you progress in life.

As children, we’re open to learning. We have little fear until someone tells us to be afraid. We try anything and everything, making choices and change as freely as the movement of the ocean tide. 

We get older and we’re taught what fear is, embracing change is replaced with anxiety and apprehension. We give up our power to others because we’re not willing to stand by our own truth, to lead by intuitive process and what we know is right for us.

I’ve seen this in clients for many years. Giving up your choice is the same as giving up your power. If you stay with what you know or what you’re used to as opposed to acknowledging that empirically it makes sense to focus on your own truth and intuition, you’ll never accept change.

Life can trigger you to move in a different direction and you don’t always know why.   The art is to not resist it. Have you ever had a thought about doing something but talk yourself out of it or deny it will work? You resist and yet the thought, picture, idea or concept keeps coming up around you.

Or sometimes a negative event or failure occurs and instead of understanding its purpose and why it happened, you regret or deny it?

Ask yourself this question: is it pushing you to try something different, go in an alternate direction, choose a new way of doing or being?

Failure is not meant to be lamented, it’s not meant to harm or impair our choices but can often provide clarity and lucidity to make the right decision and choose the correct approach.

In essence, find your truth to accept change!

In business, it can be as simple as a complaint to shift you to improve on your production, training or presentation.  In a recent case, I actually asked the individual to write a thank you note to the ‘complainer’ as it pushed her to gain supplemental training and experience.

She found this additional training amazing and knew it would only benefit her business in the future. She also acknowledged that she wouldn’t have taken up the training without the complaint and understood why it happened.

Turn around a negative action by simply assessing “why it happened” and then seeking the solution so it never occurs again.

Be driven to succeed but if you don’t watch or listen to the signs of change, you may find yourself stuck and frustrated at why your ‘dream’ isn’t growing into reality.

Accept change as part of life, look forward to it, embrace it and flow into the life you are meant to have.