Ode to 2019

ODE TO 2019


At the end of every year we look back on what we’ve done

In preparation for new beginnings, new visions and the year to come

Some memories we bring forward, the best of what occurred

Some we should let go so repetition is not observed

Overall take the year ahead one day at a time

Live in the present and in the divine

Seek to say “I love you” each and every day

Not only to others but to yourself in every way

Create confidence through the small steps of achievements

Each success attained, a self-accomplishment

Face your fears and change your mindset

You are greater than what you regret

Remember change is the only constant

Trying to be perfect is exhausting and imprudent

Knowledge is not wisdom, seek experience and clarity

Find your own narrative, make your own pedigree

Be deliberate and consistent in your actions

A visionary not a dreamer, filled with emotions not emoticons

In order to move forward acknowledge where you’ve been

The good the bad and the ugly created the amazing reflection you see

Age is about attitude be as young as you desire

Wisdom is about evolving and keeping the inner fire


Remember – you are so much stronger than you think you are

So as the clock turns into 2019, may you find your life’s repertoire.

©2019 Karen R Levin

Are you chained or ready for change?

Did you achieve all that you were meant to in 2018?

Everyone thinks the end of year is about celebrating but it’s also about planning.  Setting new ideas in motion, assessing what’s left to do, getting into focus, where and how and why for the year to come.

Were you able to make the changes you wanted to?  Do you compare yourself to others or have you finally accepted the person you are and celebrate your own accomplishments?

Are you loving your life, your work, relationships and mostly yourself? When was the last time you stood in front of the mirror and acknowledged the great things that make you, YOU?

Well the journey as an entrepreneur, business owner, creator or product developer starts with the passage of self. Self-awareness, self-acknowledgement and self-belief.  This is an ongoing journey for each of us.


The education of life is not restricted to what’s written in a book.  The greatest learning is realised from the assessment, recognition and accountability of mistakes, failures and achievements.

How about giving yourself some “me” time.  Not “it’s all about me” in the way we hear in the media, I’m talking about some time for ‘ME’ditation, think about your ‘ME’thodology, , what’s your MEtonym and finding your why in your MEaning.

Take some time to prepare on transforming the MEagher individual you may be today into an unshackled MEgastar of tomorrow.

No one can prepare you like you can.  No one knows you better or longer.

Look inside to see what reflects in the mirror.  Is it the person you are MEant to be?