Change Is Permanent

Change Is Permanent

As a Change-maker I find that change draws on fears within most individuals. Do you realise that it’s the only constant evolving action in your life?

We’ve been hearing about change since the 6th century BC (To quote Heraclitus; “The only thing that is constant is change”) and yet this mantra instills or triggers apprehension.

Each of us is made up of varying traits such as intellect, logic, emotion and intuition but your overall intelligence and wisdom is not weighed up by how much you read, the videos you watch or how many successes you have in life. 

Your wisdom is borne of your failures,  shifts in choices and the flow of life that you experience when change happens.

We all experience “Panta Rhei – the flow of life”. It’s how you utilise the reality of change or reflect on it that makes a difference to how smoothly you progress in life.

As children, we’re open to learning. We have little fear until someone tells us to be afraid. We try anything and everything, making choices and change as freely as the movement of the ocean tide. 

We get older and we’re taught what fear is, embracing change is replaced with anxiety and apprehension. We give up our power to others because we’re not willing to stand by our own truth, to lead by intuitive process and what we know is right for us.

I’ve seen this in clients for many years. Giving up your choice is the same as giving up your power. If you stay with what you know or what you’re used to as opposed to acknowledging that empirically it makes sense to focus on your own truth and intuition, you’ll never accept change.

Life can trigger you to move in a different direction and you don’t always know why.   The art is to not resist it. Have you ever had a thought about doing something but talk yourself out of it or deny it will work? You resist and yet the thought, picture, idea or concept keeps coming up around you.

Or sometimes a negative event or failure occurs and instead of understanding its purpose and why it happened, you regret or deny it?

Ask yourself this question: is it pushing you to try something different, go in an alternate direction, choose a new way of doing or being?

Failure is not meant to be lamented, it’s not meant to harm or impair our choices but can often provide clarity and lucidity to make the right decision and choose the correct approach.

In essence, find your truth to accept change!

In business, it can be as simple as a complaint to shift you to improve on your production, training or presentation.  In a recent case, I actually asked the individual to write a thank you note to the ‘complainer’ as it pushed her to gain supplemental training and experience.

She found this additional training amazing and knew it would only benefit her business in the future. She also acknowledged that she wouldn’t have taken up the training without the complaint and understood why it happened.

Turn around a negative action by simply assessing “why it happened” and then seeking the solution so it never occurs again.

Be driven to succeed but if you don’t watch or listen to the signs of change, you may find yourself stuck and frustrated at why your ‘dream’ isn’t growing into reality.

Accept change as part of life, look forward to it, embrace it and flow into the life you are meant to have.

Ode to 2019

ODE TO 2019


At the end of every year we look back on what we’ve done

In preparation for new beginnings, new visions and the year to come

Some memories we bring forward, the best of what occurred

Some we should let go so repetition is not observed

Overall take the year ahead one day at a time

Live in the present and in the divine

Seek to say “I love you” each and every day

Not only to others but to yourself in every way

Create confidence through the small steps of achievements

Each success attained, a self-accomplishment

Face your fears and change your mindset

You are greater than what you regret

Remember change is the only constant

Trying to be perfect is exhausting and imprudent

Knowledge is not wisdom, seek experience and clarity

Find your own narrative, make your own pedigree

Be deliberate and consistent in your actions

A visionary not a dreamer, filled with emotions not emoticons

In order to move forward acknowledge where you’ve been

The good the bad and the ugly created the amazing reflection you see

Age is about attitude be as young as you desire

Wisdom is about evolving and keeping the inner fire


Remember – you are so much stronger than you think you are

So as the clock turns into 2019, may you find your life’s repertoire.

©2019 Karen R Levin

Tuition or Intuition – or both?

Tuition or Intuition – or both?

Education is important, no doubt about it. There are numerous ways to learn and gather information and it’s important that we respect and recognise that they all play a role in the overall performance of life’s success. Living a worthwhile life and being happy takes more than a degree.

As much as we learn through school, TAFE and Uni, it’s the hands-on performances using innate trust in our own decision making and choices that provide the greatest tools for life. You can mesmerize every book in a library but if you don’t trust your own decision making, you will continue to misjudge, slipup and fail.  Not that failures are all bad.  Some teach us resilience or move us in another direction, where maybe we’re supposed to be.

So how do you teach yourself and perfect intuition?

You may like to try Intuitive Coaching (IC) which teaches you to trust your true self and the inner voice that you may often ignore.

Intuitive Coaching enables you to connect with your authentic self and be more confident in your decision making and creativity.

Knowing who you are helps you transcend where you are now.  IC encourages you to reach your potential through perceptive and insightful decision making.

We have all experienced small acts of intuition but the key is to hone in on those little messages so they become the primary triggers for decision making, not afterthoughts.  We all have experienced ignoring our intuition and telling ourselves: “I should have listened to my gut when it said …” (your first thought or decision).

So now imagine taking your intuition to a level that permeates everything you do, even your work.

Use your super-conscious Google search

Intuition is like being connected to your super-conscious-Google search tool that reacts in a split second to every movement and decision you need to make but instead of giving you a hundred choices on the first page, there’s only one – the right one.

IC starts by focusing on specific areas of your life – fears, apprehensions, anxieties and out of control feelings and emotions.  Repressed thoughts of regret or resentment can also be a great starting point and learning, through intuition, how to let go.

In training your intuitive process, you will learn to comprehend a deeper understanding about your life, access your personal power and advance your connection to self.  Learning to not resist change, how to evolve and nourish your dynamic ideas and creative processes.

A stronger intuitive process takes you from where you presently are to attain a peacefulness within that cultivates and reassures your choices and fosters your intellect to a higher level.

IC helps you attain peace from within and connects with your authentic self, releasing limitations and transcending you to reach your true potential.

As much as you are studying your diploma or degree, or working on new strategies at work, learn to sharpen your intuitive skills and trust the decisions that come to the surface.

The only way you change is accepting that you need to

Change is inevitable. Each week I meet individuals passionate about their purpose and desire to be successful in their endeavours. They express something is stopping them from achieving their ambitions and feel a sense of fear and regret.

When I ask the question “What’s stopping you?” there are moments of silence and they’re not sure or can’t pinpoint the issues.

In many, if not most cases, it’s simply the essential tools required for change – a word that creates fear and yet you know is inevitable.  So why or who instils this fear and how does it take over or place us in a suspended state of being?

The only way you change is accepting that you need to.

The only way you change is accepting that you need to.

Accepting Change

Accepting change as a natural part of life is the same as growing old.  For the first 20 or so years you are trained to listen to voices that are not your own.   The echoes of parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, peers and mentors telling you what’s right or wrong. How to make decisions and impregnating their choices and decisions into your thought processes.

Growing up you realise that not every opinion matches your own belief system. You have repressed your own point of view and to a degree your voice is inaudible. All their beliefs, judgements, attitudes and ideas have been planted in your mind whilst your own opinions swim around trying to take pride of place.  Is what you believe right or more important than what you’ve been taught or told for the first 20 years of your life?

Remove the Training Wheels

The implanted teachings from your past are similar to training wheels on a bike. Fundamental lay of the land rules to set you up for the rest of your life.  You get to choose which of those ideas and thoughts have purpose and connect to your own inner truth.  Now you need to raise the voice that has been sitting silent for so long.

Let the inaudible become audible, raise your voice to become distinct and purposeful.  Pay attention to it, it’s your intuition – very different from your conscience.  Raising the level of your own echo resonates it to the same vibration as your intuition.  Allowing you to overcome fears and make better decisions to create your desires in life.

Know Thyself

Raising your own voice to an audible level means you know yourself better.  The Greek philosopher Socrates used the aphorism “Know Thyself”. Knowledge of self is important to your ability to understand and know who you are. To evaluate others more accurately and therefore makes allowances for them and, in turn, acknowledge your own limitations and possibilities, to make decisions that will help you grow and change.

With a trusted voice, you have a better sense of reasoning and the power to make better assessments about yourself and others.   Knowing yourself and trusting your intuitive process provides you a better understanding of how you see acquaintances, colleagues, and friends. How they should be accepted and how they accept you.  You also become less bothered if someone doesn’t agree with your decisions as now your voice is trusted.

Learning to read others means first reading yourself.

You often make things harder by comparing yourself with the idealised view of others.  Again, the training wheels must be removed so you can make choices of your own.  You may fall over, you may falter but in the long run, taking responsibility for the failings means success and change becomes so much more worthwhile.

The reason I started doing business counselling is because I found too many business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who had lost their voice. In turn, losing their passion and at risk of letting fear take over.

If every day you can accept that change will happen, if every day you can look forward to any new challenges and “know” that you will find the answers and overcome them, your voice will be heard as an expert in your industry.  Overtime you learn more about yourself and this self-understanding can only help you change for the better.