Are You Brand Worthy?

From time to time, we all think about who we are and how we are perceived by others. How does our “audience” see us. Not just within our business but the person we reflect within our environment.

From a personal perspective, it’s not about the friends or family we have, but how they qualify you in their lives? Do they respect you, understand you or even listen to you?

What about the people who come and go along the way – employees, associates, partners, clients and people you meet in restaurants or where you buy your coffee each day.

It says something when people remember you, even just your voice. Not just how they know your coffee type but your smile, the words you have said to them and the attention you’ve given to them.


In this great world of technology, what is your UX and does it make your brand worthy? If you were a robot or an avatar what would you leave behind as a memory?

I recently went to an presentation and during the Q&A I asked a question. Someone I had not seen for over 5 years immediately came over to me and stated that my voice brought back the good memories of our association. That’s all he heard as I did not say my name. I was recognised by the tone of my speak.


This is what I hope for every day when I do business.

My voice, my actions and my beliefs are my brand. Where I speak, where I act and what I say leave impressions on others. Reactions such as the one I mentioned made me assess and realise that what I offer as a UX is worthy of a good brand or image to others.

Every morning I am grateful for the people I meet in my life, even those who disagree with me because they mould me into the person I am. They make me develop my brand into something I am proud of.

Life is about wealth – not just from our income but from the wealth of knowledge gained, the wealth of love we give, the wealth of wisdom we pass on and the wealth of happiness we experience.

If you are in small business, an entrepreneur, manager or executive in a major corporation take a minute and think about your brand. Is it worthy – does it have a message – do you leave a UX for others to remember you by? I truly hope so.