I like to meet my clients so we can get to know each other.  It’s important to feel comfortable and creating a trusting platform to work from.

This also helps me determine needs and requirements.

It helps you get comfortable with the way I work and tells me  your story too.

This is the same formula I use for companies who wish a presentation done to staff or one-to-one consults.   If I feel I am not the person you need, I will be truthful and help you find the entity or person who can.

So, first thing, let’s catch up on the phone, for coffee or even Skype.  We can get to know each other and assess your personal or business needs by reviewing the present state of affairs and where you or your company wants to be in the short and long term.  What’s working and what’s not.  Future goals and ambitions.  This way I can get as much information to prepare a appropriate proposal.

Once approved, we set a start date and off we go.    It’s as simple as that.

I can offer face to face coaching, presentations to groups or even utilise Skype if it is more convenient.