There are times when we need to take account of what we do and our actions, to take assessment of how we treat people and always remember those who support us – through the good and bad times.

Spend time each week being retrospective and most of all grateful.  Gratitude is something we seem to give little importance to and yet it is the most important of all.

I have been through domestic violence and came out the other end far wiser and appreciative of life.  I don’t carry any ill about what happened and more and more I feel that every step in life is part of the path to knowledge and knowing.

If you help someone, let it be unconditional.  The world doesn’t owe you anything and nor does anyone.  No matter what you go through be appreciative of the small things.

I love where I have been and where I am going and enjoy the journey around me and definitely the one that goes on inside of me.  Sometimes it’s not about words its about the silence and the energy that is in the silence.  Just remember be every grateful and never bite the hand that supports you – you may need them again someday.