Let your employees run your business for a day!

Some may disagree with me about this topic but from my experience, I think it would benefit if every employee understood how to run a small business.

I think there’s a big difference in operating a small business to working in a corporate environment.  Having a job is a gift, owning your own business is a blessing – both can be hard work but starting your own enterprise and making it successful takes patience, endurance, continual learning, a willingness to change constantly and, most of all, trusting your intuitive process.

A great number of employees today have an aspiration to own their own business. They step away from a regular work environment into building a successful business that will pay them what they earnt in the corporate world.  Many are overwhelmed about the steps to take, the time and commitment and how to maintain the enthusiasm and not be overwhelmed.  I have mentored and worked with many small business owners who did not realise what was involved. Given the correct tools and comprehension, they became more knowledgeable, more passionate and cognisant of the steps to take.

Working in the corporate world last year was a true awakening for me as the difference was glaringly obvious how employees in various departments are disconnected from each other and the overall mission and vision of the business itself.

If you want a great employee, give them experience in each department of your business, for a day or two, or even a week.  Allow them familiarity and understanding of the jigsaw pieces that make up the puzzle and foundation of the business that pays them.  It would improve productivity, reduce waste of time (which means loss of money), improve proficiency and the internal workings of a business.

Time to a small business owner is crucial and every minute of every day is accountable.  Make someone who lives in a digital world spend a day in finance, understanding feasibilities, reconciliation and budgets.  Move the bookkeeper into sales to comprehend the sales process and the efforts to retain customers.  Put an HR person into marketing to create a promotion or event strategy.  Each will realise and grasp a better understanding of what’s required to make that department efficient and effective.

If digital staff, who spend large sums on online mediums comprehended revenue, budgets and finance, maybe their focus on why, how and where they allocate funds may improve the ROI.

If accounting understand the sales process – what it takes to find, close and maintain a client or what’s involved in creating and implementing a marketing strategy, they may understand that sometimes the ROI needs to be protracted or more considered.

Lack of efficiency through misunderstanding, and absence of incentives ca produce a stressful workplace, bullying and even reverse bullying.  Having a greater appreciation of how the business operates can motivate a more driven and empathetic employee.  It may craft an individual who supports business decisions because their perception has changed, they comprehend the processes.

I have the greatest respect for anyone running their own business, taking an idea and developing a successful enterprise.  Multiskilled is their middle name, their characteristic is made up of endurance, persistence and patience.  They wear many hats and must understand, even the basics of finance, marketing, promotion, legal, business strategies, IT, product development and much more. They wake up each day with determination, drive and perseverance.

Maybe if employees understood all the pieces of the puzzle, there would have less waste, more respect, higher efficacy, greater teamwork, improved proficiency and no bullying or pride induced work environments would exist.


Just saying!