We hear it everyday – there’s no such thing as failure – really there isn’t.  Since when does failing at something mean we fail at life, love or business?

I think waking up each day and knowing that I have to challenge myself is exciting – trying to fit everything in the day, attempting to do my best, be the kindest I can be, truthful about the way I feel or the words I say, understanding and being empathetic, meeting my KPI’s at work, making sure I excercise and eat right – all of it because I know I will fail at something.  I will be imperfect.

That’s what makes it more interesting – it’s the learning process that interests me.  How many of us do things at the last minute because the pressure makes you be the best you are.  

You don’t think things through too much, you trust your gut instincts and intuitive decisions and you just flow with ideas and creativity.

So today when you wake up – love yourself for being imperfect – love the fact that you will not necessarily get everything right and that you will learn from those mistakes to make you stronger and do it better tomorrow!

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