I am sorry… sorry that this world is in such a state of disarray and fear – sorry that we can’t get along and that some people feel the need to hurt people for no reason.  Sorry that they use God for the wrong reason and not for faith and hope and love…….

I am grateful for every moment of every day of my life, for every person I meet, for every single thing I do and the opportunities that are put in front of me – I am grateful for you, and you, and you and I don’t care about your race, religion or colour of your skin. What I do care about is how you are treated and how you treat others, if you are capable of respect and love and if you have faith in yourself to know that love is greater than anything…

I have always been a seeker of the truth and solutions – not focusing on problems.  I can only hope that others find the solutions and seek the truth – that Governments become responsible for their own people and not have greed or avarice as their focus.  That prime ministers, presidents, Kings Queens, popes and anyone in position of power can put aside their greed, their status and have compassion for those in need, to help and give of themselves until it hurts, to put aside their own needs for the needs of others.  Tomorrow when I wake I will look in the mirror and ask myself “how can I help make this world a better place?”  alchemy

I am sure the answer will not come from what technology I use or from what pictures I take and post on line. The answers will come from the truth that is in me, the essence of why I was put on this earth and who I am meant to be.

Watch what you wish for, they say – well I wish for nothing less than love, faith, hope, respect and truth for you….. and that starts with me.