When I first moved back to Australia from living in the US for 17 years, someone said to me “You must be very competitive now.” My response was proverbial. Being raised in Oz -“Competition in the US is for survival, it’s the only way people get by.  Whereas here, we compete with ourselves.  It’s a totally different mindset.”  It’s probably the best reason why I survived working in a very competitive environment. I stayed true to myself.

I think this adage is relevant for being raised in one of the most wonderful countries in the world.  To get up in the morning and go one step further. To push yourself past where you were the day before, to achieve more, to try more and to know you can pat yourself on the back every night for your effort, no matter if you failed or succeeded.

I believe: when you’re on the edge of new beginnings, you get behind yourself and push!  You can be guided, mentored, supported, steered, directed, and coxed but no one can push you like you can.

No one can manoeuvre your emotions, decisions and passions with the same effort as you!

There are many comments about today’s Millennials acting entitled. Maybe not willing to do the hard yards to get where they want to go in their careers and personal lives.  They want to be paid $100K plus and ask the strangest questions in interviews like: “why should I work here?” or “what can the company offer me?”

In the long run, attitude is important. Their road may be harder, more challenging and awkward at times.  They will learn that balance in life is not just about money but realised satisfaction comes from within, from hard effort, long hours, mental and physical sweat and exertion.

True skills are only borne from trying, doing and creating – falling flat sometimes knowing you can pick yourself up and you’ll will survive and, eventually, thrive.

If you ever doubt yourself or where you are heading, close your eyes, picture yourself on the edge of a precipice.  See your wonderful future in front of you, touch it with your eyes – then get behind yourself and push!

So, when I look back on my life and look at all the times I failed, I fell and I floundered – the voice in my head from my father rang true over and over again.  It was up to me to pick myself up, assess how to resolve the damage and push myself to new beginnings.  Thanks Dad!