Are you chained or ready for change?

Did you achieve all that you were meant to in 2018?

Everyone thinks the end of year is about celebrating but it’s also about planning.  Setting new ideas in motion, assessing what’s left to do, getting into focus, where and how and why for the year to come.

Were you able to make the changes you wanted to?  Do you compare yourself to others or have you finally accepted the person you are and celebrate your own accomplishments?

Are you loving your life, your work, relationships and mostly yourself? When was the last time you stood in front of the mirror and acknowledged the great things that make you, YOU?

Well the journey as an entrepreneur, business owner, creator or product developer starts with the passage of self. Self-awareness, self-acknowledgement and self-belief.  This is an ongoing journey for each of us.


The education of life is not restricted to what’s written in a book.  The greatest learning is realised from the assessment, recognition and accountability of mistakes, failures and achievements.

How about giving yourself some “me” time.  Not “it’s all about me” in the way we hear in the media, I’m talking about some time for ‘ME’ditation, think about your ‘ME’thodology, , what’s your MEtonym and finding your why in your MEaning.

Take some time to prepare on transforming the MEagher individual you may be today into an unshackled MEgastar of tomorrow.

No one can prepare you like you can.  No one knows you better or longer.

Look inside to see what reflects in the mirror.  Is it the person you are MEant to be?

Are You Brand Worthy?

From time to time, we all think about who we are and how we are perceived by others. How does our “audience” see us. Not just within our business but the person we reflect within our environment.

From a personal perspective, it’s not about the friends or family we have, but how they qualify you in their lives? Do they respect you, understand you or even listen to you?

What about the people who come and go along the way – employees, associates, partners, clients and people you meet in restaurants or where you buy your coffee each day.

It says something when people remember you, even just your voice. Not just how they know your coffee type but your smile, the words you have said to them and the attention you’ve given to them.


In this great world of technology, what is your UX and does it make your brand worthy? If you were a robot or an avatar what would you leave behind as a memory?

I recently went to an presentation and during the Q&A I asked a question. Someone I had not seen for over 5 years immediately came over to me and stated that my voice brought back the good memories of our association. That’s all he heard as I did not say my name. I was recognised by the tone of my speak.


This is what I hope for every day when I do business.

My voice, my actions and my beliefs are my brand. Where I speak, where I act and what I say leave impressions on others. Reactions such as the one I mentioned made me assess and realise that what I offer as a UX is worthy of a good brand or image to others.

Every morning I am grateful for the people I meet in my life, even those who disagree with me because they mould me into the person I am. They make me develop my brand into something I am proud of.

Life is about wealth – not just from our income but from the wealth of knowledge gained, the wealth of love we give, the wealth of wisdom we pass on and the wealth of happiness we experience.

If you are in small business, an entrepreneur, manager or executive in a major corporation take a minute and think about your brand. Is it worthy – does it have a message – do you leave a UX for others to remember you by? I truly hope so.

Overqualified & Undervalued

Overqualified & Undervalued

With over 40 years of experience in the business world here and overseas, I am realising that all the hands-on experience and copious projects worked on, individuals worked with, business strategies developed and implemented make me overqualified and undervalued.

I wonder how many other experienced individuals are going through the same scenario and unfortunately, I know of a few.

I celebrate others successes, no matter what age and have mentored over 50 interns in the last 5 years, all have gone on to employment and clear career choices.  This is part of why I do what I do.

I have helped professional athletes and entertainers learn how to run businesses, created partnerships with small business operators and much more.  This is the most rewarding part of what I do, helping others through my own knowledge and skills – this is what I want to continue to do.  

(Here comes the rant-sorry)

My skill sets work in many areas of a business from law to marketing to technology.  I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty, haven’t had a sick day in over 8 years, nor taken a long holiday in the same time.

Very technology aware having been the second mainframe operator working for Gadens (then Gadens Bowen) and trained by IBM and Nashua in Australia at the young age of 19. Au fait with most technology, working on pc and mac platforms, numerous CRM systems, know social media, build and designed websites and understand the digital world well.

I am and have been a paralegal, business manager, marketing consultant, product developer, music business manager, international financier, author, mentor, stress management consultant and counsellor working with charities, NFP, corporates, entertainers, sports personalities and entrepreneurs.

I have changed and morphed myself as needed in my career at the request of others because they trusted my skills in delivering their project, idea, business or product.  If someone asked if I could work on a project, I simply did my research and due diligence to support what I needed to get the job done.  I never said yes unless I knew I was capable.

My formal qualifications came later after my actual work experience and practices.


Yet it seems that although I am highly skilled, multi-talented, loyal, solution focused and trustworthy I am undervalued by HR departments and recruiters.

We speak about millennials all day long, how to get them in the workforce, how to create “start-ups” and technology hubs, seeking to assure there is youth employment opportunities. With less than 4% success rate for start-ups, maybe we need to rethink these structures and assure there is experience and knowledge embedded in their strategic plans.

On the other side of the coin is the discussion to raise the pension age to 70.  If it’s a sensible measure, doesn’t that also mean we need to leave open the opportunities for the older generation to work longer?  This is the first time we have five generations in the work force.


Seniorpreneurs, business owners aged 55 to 64, lead about 34% of Australian firms, according to new research from the Swinburne University of Technology and Queensland University of Technology. The entrepreneurship activity rate of 8% for this age group is about 3% above the average of innovation-driven economies, which makes them the fastest-growing pack of our entrepreneurial talent.

I am tired of hearing about how “overqualified” I am and I know I am not the only one.  What we provide in an hourly rate, is well worth considering…intuition, resourcefulness, strategic thinking, pragmatic problem solving, performing and operating within complex, sensitive and high-volume environments, experience in working with complex stakeholders, sound researchers and so much more.

A crucial skill a mature worker brings is social intelligence, especially in this day of technology, they have the capability to work with others due to their aptitude to read and understand the needs of stakeholders, in and out of the workplace.

If you have a young person in your HR department, how much knowledge do they have or are provided about mature workers and the long-term benefits.  Yes, an organisation may have to pay a little more than a millennial or person immediately out of University, but what they receive and provide is years of knowledge and expertise.

When you hire a mature individual, you bring in a mentor for the succession plan of your business, a true team worker, problem solver and someone who find challenges second nature and quick to respond.

Please don’t underestimate the over 50’s generation, even the over 60’s, as we have so much to bring to an organisation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this…

The only way you change is accepting that you need to

Change is inevitable. Each week I meet individuals passionate about their purpose and desire to be successful in their endeavours. They express something is stopping them from achieving their ambitions and feel a sense of fear and regret.

When I ask the question “What’s stopping you?” there are moments of silence and they’re not sure or can’t pinpoint the issues.

In many, if not most cases, it’s simply the essential tools required for change – a word that creates fear and yet you know is inevitable.  So why or who instils this fear and how does it take over or place us in a suspended state of being?

The only way you change is accepting that you need to.

The only way you change is accepting that you need to.

Accepting Change

Accepting change as a natural part of life is the same as growing old.  For the first 20 or so years you are trained to listen to voices that are not your own.   The echoes of parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, peers and mentors telling you what’s right or wrong. How to make decisions and impregnating their choices and decisions into your thought processes.

Growing up you realise that not every opinion matches your own belief system. You have repressed your own point of view and to a degree your voice is inaudible. All their beliefs, judgements, attitudes and ideas have been planted in your mind whilst your own opinions swim around trying to take pride of place.  Is what you believe right or more important than what you’ve been taught or told for the first 20 years of your life?

Remove the Training Wheels

The implanted teachings from your past are similar to training wheels on a bike. Fundamental lay of the land rules to set you up for the rest of your life.  You get to choose which of those ideas and thoughts have purpose and connect to your own inner truth.  Now you need to raise the voice that has been sitting silent for so long.

Let the inaudible become audible, raise your voice to become distinct and purposeful.  Pay attention to it, it’s your intuition – very different from your conscience.  Raising the level of your own echo resonates it to the same vibration as your intuition.  Allowing you to overcome fears and make better decisions to create your desires in life.

Know Thyself

Raising your own voice to an audible level means you know yourself better.  The Greek philosopher Socrates used the aphorism “Know Thyself”. Knowledge of self is important to your ability to understand and know who you are. To evaluate others more accurately and therefore makes allowances for them and, in turn, acknowledge your own limitations and possibilities, to make decisions that will help you grow and change.

With a trusted voice, you have a better sense of reasoning and the power to make better assessments about yourself and others.   Knowing yourself and trusting your intuitive process provides you a better understanding of how you see acquaintances, colleagues, and friends. How they should be accepted and how they accept you.  You also become less bothered if someone doesn’t agree with your decisions as now your voice is trusted.

Learning to read others means first reading yourself.

You often make things harder by comparing yourself with the idealised view of others.  Again, the training wheels must be removed so you can make choices of your own.  You may fall over, you may falter but in the long run, taking responsibility for the failings means success and change becomes so much more worthwhile.

The reason I started doing business counselling is because I found too many business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who had lost their voice. In turn, losing their passion and at risk of letting fear take over.

If every day you can accept that change will happen, if every day you can look forward to any new challenges and “know” that you will find the answers and overcome them, your voice will be heard as an expert in your industry.  Overtime you learn more about yourself and this self-understanding can only help you change for the better.

Imperfection Can Do The Impossible

We hear it everyday – there’s no such thing as failure – really there isn’t.  Since when does failing at something mean we fail at life, love or business?

I think waking up each day and knowing that I have to challenge myself is exciting – trying to fit everything in the day, attempting to do my best, be the kindest I can be, truthful about the way I feel or the words I say, understanding and being empathetic, meeting my KPI’s at work, making sure I excercise and eat right – all of it because I know I will fail at something.  I will be imperfect.

That’s what makes it more interesting – it’s the learning process that interests me.  How many of us do things at the last minute because the pressure makes you be the best you are.   (more…)

Remember, there’s a message in Your Voice!

What’s important in today’s business? Communication, partnerships, customers, profit, loyalty or passion – establishing, building and endorsing relationships is so important in order to have it all.

Today, I experienced how business can lose its connection through electronic communication and assumptions and waste hours in the day.  Then in a simple 10minute phone call rebuild it by listening to the tone and purpose of the words said between two intelligent individuals.

Words are often very imprecise vehicles of communication. If anyone else has noticed lately, written English in a world of such diversity and multiculturalism is not always accurate nor does it hold the true spirit of what’s being portrayed or meant.

istock_photo_of_two_people_talking-2When someone speaks to you the voice is powerful and the accompanying expressions are a powerful tool to find solutions, create partnerships or win relationships.
In addition, there’s so much information coming at us at once and often we only listen halfheartedly to the conversations around us.  Yet, a conversation can still be the most powerful way of communicating.  We will respond quicker and pay attention to a friendly approachable voice than one that is dull, monotone or angry.

So if you have issues to resolve, solutions to find maybe pick up the phone, cultivate a responsive tone in your voice and find the obvious benefits that a 10-minute conversation will bring to your life.  While speech is how you use words, voice is how you create sound. To your listeners, your voice is a part of who you are and what you believe.

Remember, there’s a message in Your Voice!