A Question of Faith in Yourself!

Faith – a highly personal matter!

Faith is a highly personal and often difficult matter to articulate.   Not knowing how to state your faith doesn’t make it any less genuine but at some point we have to state to ourselves, what our faith means… especially to our Self.

Do you believe in something greater than yourself, do you believe in yourself at all for that matter?  When you question your faith, start with what’s inside you.  Next, how do you connect to others?  How much do you give of yourself each day and how much do you hold on too tightly?  Does your faith let you take a risk in your life, whether business or personal?  Are you open to your family and friends?

This year take this opportunity to question your faith and your belief in Self. Each day take a moment to yourself and confirm what you believe, what you are a part of.  This is not about religion more about your spirituality and the metaphysical connection to yourself and the world around you and, most definitely, what you can’t see.