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Let your employees run your business for a day!

Some may disagree with me about this topic but from my experience, I think it would benefit if every employee understood how to run a small business. I think there’s a big difference in operating a small business to working in a corporate environment.

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2019 is underway

Have you thought through what changes you want to make, what projects you want to start? Are you a small business owner who is ready for growth? An employee wanting to start your own business? A mum who wants to go back to work or start a home-based business?

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Ode to 2019

At the end of every year we look back on what we’ve done
In preparation for new beginnings, new visions and the year to come
Some memories we bring forward, the best of what occurred
Some we should let go so repetition is not observed

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Are you chained or ready for change?

Did you achieve all that you were meant to in 2018?
Everyone thinks the end of year is about celebrating but it’s also about planning. Setting new ideas in motion, assessing what’s left to do, getting into focus, where and how and why for the year to come.

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Contentment Is Not Resignation

Contentment with where you are doesn’t mean you are resigned to your life the way that it is. Let me explain.

We all have desires to do better & be better. Dreams and wishes, whether for our own successful business or career, great relationships or friendships.

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Are You Brand Worthy?

From time to time, we all think about who we are and how we are perceived by others. How does our “audience” see us. Not just within our business but the person we reflect within our environment. From a personal perspective, it’s not about the friends or family we have, but how do they qualify you in their lives? 

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Tuition or Intuition – or both?

Education is important, no doubt about it. There are numerous ways to learn and gather information and it’s important that we respect and recognise that they all play a role in the overall performance of life’s success. Living a worthwhile life and being happy takes more than a degree.

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Overqualified & Undervalued

With over 40 years of experience in the business world here and overseas, I am realising that all the hands-on experience and copious projects worked on, individuals worked with, business strategies developed and implemented make me overqualified and undervalued.

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