A little about Karen:

  • Over 35 years in business.
  • Worked in and with a myriad of industries.
  • Consulted to entertainers, sporting personalities and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and culture.
  • Transformed my experiences into a knowledge bank of information to advance my clients ideas and businesses.
  • Have an extensive network all over the world of high quality trustworthy individuals.
  • I utilise intuitive decision making and empathetic wisdom to support my clients.
  • Committed to providing high quality services and mentoring to business owners seeking to create sustainable and successful enterprises or individuals seeking a better lifestyle.
  • A President of a Rotary Club – dutiful in applying my knowledge and pro bono services to advance the challenges of social enterprise, enhance the quality of life and welfare for individuals and animals.
  • Bring with me honesty, integrity and a fresh perspective to a business’ vision with an adaptable approach, while encouraging and guiding you to step outside of your comfort zone and take a chance.
  • An Author and collaborator and bring ideas to life.
  • Grateful for my life and thoroughly enjoy helping others¬†find their success and enjoyment of life.

Why I becomes We:

Because I have an amazing network of individuals and businesses that I can connect to, consultants that I trust to deliver and support my clients that have the same level of integrity and honesty.  So I am not alone on the journey with my clients, if I need I can call on these individuals to connect and deliver what we need to succeed.