Our Vision

The Business of Success is about the wisdom and skills needed to create a successful life and business.

Using a unique methodology, we assist, coach, mentor and advise clients through the plethora of business decisions and challenges to convert the transactional into transformational. Specialising in the unique, the innovative and the passionate, our vision is to assure clients achieve the successful lives they desire.

The biggest advantage is our ability to recognise our client’s needs and maintain a much more constant narrative. With the intense changes in business the integration of innovation, ecommerce, online and Brand Human require solution driven understanding and a strong authentic story.


The Why

Because there’s nothing more rewarding than passing on knowledge and skills.  With years of experience behind we know what strengths and methodologies are needed to succeed.

Learning each day something new, we support clients whilst gaining more depth of knowledge about the needs of society, business and ourselves.

Transforming a client’s vision into a fully operational and purposeful business is our why!

The Mission

To create an easy to implement plan, offer innovative coaching support, help you overcome challenges and fears, and provide a sounding board for your ideas.  To continue to deliver authentic and trustworthy skills based on truth in service.

Through perceptive marketing, strategic methodologies and a creative mindset we provide vision, clarification and guidance to ultimately enhance business and personal growth.

We focus on the client, not the money.  We only work with those individuals and businesses we feel we can make a difference and achieve results for.  We may be perfect for you!  Contact us for a free consultation.

The few weeks I have spent with you have been absolutely amazing.  I have learnt so much… I have acquired tools that I will have for life.  We’re not done yet!


Director, Nutritional Skincare Academy

“In my language the name Karen means a ray of light. Not so long ago I was in a dark place struggling with self esteem issues and a lack of clarity with respect to the here and now and the correct path I was supposed to then follow. I reached out to Karen for guidance and reassurance and just like the ray of light she was able to help me navigate my energies and mindset in the right direction…”

Sima Isreali

Director, SIR - REOSK

“I have been a client of Ms. Levin’s for many years, actually since I started my business.  She actually helped me purchase my first business. I have maintained this mentoring support as a powerful inspiration over the years as I have grown and developed my business ideas…”


Owner, Zero Studio

“I was an intern with Karen. My experience would not have been the same without the dedication and guidance of Karen Levin. Karen sincerely cares for her community and is generous when passing on her knowledge and experience to others..”


Director, Ambience Entertainment

“Too many times I have come across young women who are lost and looking for something to cling too. They don’t have role models…to show them they are worthwhile and their dreams can come true. I believe that the programs Karen has will take women on a journey of discovery that will change their lives forever…”


Director, Chic Management

“Thank you for the ongoing support and help over the last 3 years.  You’re an amazing person and I am grateful to have met you.”


Owner, Extend Barre

Let your employees run your business for a day!

Let your employees run your business for a day!

Some may disagree with me about this topic but from my experience, I think it would benefit if every employee understood how to run a small business.

I think there’s a big difference in operating a small business to working in a corporate environment. Having a job is a gift, owning your own business is a blessing – both can be hard work but starting your own enterprise and making it successful takes patience, endurance, continual learning, a willingness to change constantly and, most of all, trusting your intuitive process.

A great number of employees today have an aspiration to own their own business. They step away from a regular work environment into building a successful business that will pay them what they earnt in the corporate world.

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Are you chained or ready for change?

Are you chained or ready for change?

Did you achieve all that you were meant to in 2018?
Everyone thinks the end of year is about celebrating but it’s also about planning. Setting new ideas in motion, assessing what’s left to do, getting into focus, where and how and why for the year to come.
Were you able to make the changes you wanted to? Do you compare yourself to others or have you finally accepted the person you are and celebrate your own accomplishments?
Are you loving your life, your work, relationships and mostly yourself? When was the last time you stood in front of the mirror and acknowledged the great things that make you, YOU?

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2019 is underway

2019 is underway

Have you thought through what changes you want to make, what projects you want to start? Are you a small business owner who is ready for growth? An employee wanting to start your own business? A mum who wants to go back to work or start a home-based business? Here are some tips to think about:

Tip 1: Creativity starts with your hands. This is the best tip to start with. Grab a pen or pencil, some paper and sit down. Now start writing your idea or project on paper, not onto your computer.
Handwriting your ideas can be rhythmic, therapeutic, and calming and can assist with jumpstarting your creativity. Writing by hand also increases conceptual understanding and retention and can increase concentration substantially.

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Ode to 2019

Ode to 2019

At the end of every year we look back on what we’ve done
In preparation for new beginnings, new visions and the year to come
Some memories we bring forward, the best of what occurred
Some we should let go so repetition is not observed
Overall take the year ahead one day at a time
Live in the present and in the divine
Seek to say “I love you” each and every day
Not only to others but to yourself in every way
Create confidence through the small steps of achievements
Each success attained, a self-accomplishment
Face your fears and change your mindset
You are greater than what you regret
Remember change is the only constant
Trying to be perfect is exhausting and imprudent

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